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*Free Shipping applicable within Malaysia only *Remakes and Customizing available upon request*

Floral Head and Hair Pieces!

First time attempting on these little floral head clips.

French Barrette Clip

Snap Clip

Some Alligator Clips.

Our favorite has got to be this floral head piece!

Floral head piece with turquoise theme!

Love love love flowers!

Peacock Earrings

It has been rather silent here isn't it? Been busy with some custom made projects. 

Custom made peacock earrings! What do you think? :D

Key-rings and New Pastel Hearts!

You can now get your lil Elmo and Cookie Monster fluffy fur balls with key-rings! 
Check them out here : link.

And, remember our wide range of colors for the Heart in Bottle
We're adding in more colors for your choice!

Pastels! So in love with those baby colors! 
Check them out here : link.

Vintage Twit (BHM032)

"Vintage Twit"

Code : BHM032

**bronze bird charm, various beads, bronze chain, bronze toggle clasp**

Measurements : 16.5cm

Price : RM36

Status : Available

Colorful Bracelets (BHM035)

Colorful Bracelets

Left-Right : BHM035-C-Yellow, BHM035-C-Red, BHM035-C-Green, BHM035-C-Blue

Colorful Bracelets


Colorful Bracelets

Left-Right : BHM035-S-Black, BHM035-S-Blue, BHM035-S-Red

Colorful Bracelets


Colorful Bracelets

"Colorful Bracelets"

Code : BHM035-C-Yellow  (SOLD)
      BHM035-C-Red (SOLD)
         BHM035-C-Green (SOLD)
       BHM035-S-Black (SOLD)
     BHM035-S-Blue (SOLD)
    BHM035-S-Red (SOLD)

**copper/silver curb chains, lobster clasps, colorful ribbons**

Measurements :16.0cm - 18.0cm

Price : 1 for RM10
           2 for RM18
          3 for RM25

Status : Sold!

The length can be modified according to your wrist size. Along with your order, just kindly include the measurement around your wrist and we will make the adjustments for you with no extra charges!

Colorful Bracelets
Need extra length? We'll help out with love :)

Silent Night (BHM033)

"Silent Night"

Code : BHM033

**bronze charms (howling wolf, moon, humming bird, owl, butterfly), bronze chain, bronze toggle clasp**

Measurements : 17.0cm

Price : RM45

Status : Available

Orange Bloom (RHM022)

"Orange Bloom"

Code : RHM022

**orange pearls, orange flower, adjustable silver plated ring base**

Size : Adjustable

Price : RM12

Status : Available

Candy House Bracelet (BHM028)

"Candy House Bracelet"

Code : BHM028

**enamel pink house silver charm, pink heart bead, various beads, swarovski crystals, silver chain, silver heart shaped toggle clasp**

Measurements : 16.5cm

Price : RM 32

Status : Available

Jeans Cuff (BHM027)

Here's another design to be added into the available collection of jeans cuffs here! :D

"Jeans Cuff"

Code : BHM027

**denim cloth texture, light gold plated pyramid studs**

Measurements : approx. 3.5cm - 4.0cm in width

Price : RM 38

Status : Available

Turqoise Feathered Earrings (EHM020)

"Turqoise Feathered Earrings"

Code : EHM020

**white fluffy feather, various glass beads, swarovski crystals, silver plated wiring, silver plated earhooks**

Length : 13.0cm (long) and 3.5cm (short)

Price : RM23

Status : Available
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